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The nVoy™ program will provide the industry with product certification and marketing for interoperable solutions implementing the IEEE 1905.1 hybrid home networking standard. National Technical Systems (NTS) is a test lab for nVoy certification worldwide, and the China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR) is a test lab for nVoy certification in China.

By providing a common communication protocol, nVoy Certified products will enable consumers and service providers to leverage the strengths of the wired and wireless networking technologies prevalent in many homes today. Products with nVoy Certification will support and foster harmony between HomePlug, Wi-Fi, MoCA and Ethernet networking technologies, with numerous benefits to both service providers and consumers.

Creating harmony among disparate factions requires diplomacy, and for diplomacy there must be open lines of communication... there needs to be a diplomatic go-between. An envoy.

Network + Envoy = “nVoy”

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